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Julio Whitely Musical Engineer


Julio whitely musical engineer – As an experienced musical engineer for many of years I have dealt with various artitsts from all different types of backgrounds these experiences have helped me become the type of producer I am today such qualities as patience: patience is key with any new student when it comes to music in general as without patience it can be very hard to work with certain artists,Whether you want to record a single, an EP, a demo or an album, I work with you to take your music from rough ideas to a fully produced,professionally mixed track.

I specialize in pop, acoustic, rock, country and indie. I’m also a multi-instrumentalist and I produced, arranged and played most of the instruments on the tracks below.

If you’re looking to make music that is timeless, classic, atmospheric and will stand up 20 years from now, get in touch!.

The things that I want my students to understand that in these lessons we take it into deep consideration on how to identify every students talent and nurturing it to further heights.I also have many years experience in the music industry we can guarantee that our production team will provide a high quality services which specialize in such things as eqing and mixing and mastering. The type of qualities compared to the other production companies that I offer are as follows state of the art studios and state of the art equipment to help students create the best music available also state of the art classrooms and macs suites.

The types of equipment and techniques that I specifically use that would differentiate me from other music producers are such things as reverse reverb to enhance the types of mixes that I would create for artists, gated snares, stuttered vocals and pitch shifting and the time stretching of the vocals.